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Dealing with issues such as divorce, child custody, and other family law concerns can be emotionally challenging. However, it doesn't have to signal the end of a respectful relationship. With the support of a seasoned family law attorney, you have the opportunity to transform your existing relationships into a new arrangement that suits both you and your family's needs.

Located in Arab, Alabama, Richard Henson Law, P.A. is dedicated to aiding clients in resolving their family law issues. We provide every client with a candid evaluation of their available choices, enabling them to make well-informed decisions about the direction of their case. If you wish to arrange a consultation in Arab, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us today at 256-631-6505.

We are a team of dedicated professionals committed to providing exceptional legal services to families by: 

• • Proactively identifying and resolving challenges in a resourceful and innovative manner, always mindful of each client's specific requirements, employing a collaborative team strategy

• Cultivating a nurturing atmosphere that fosters personal and organizational development by embracing innovation, continuous learning, and motivational guidance

• Garnering and upholding the trust, assurance, and positive reputation of our clients, staff, associates, and the broader community

• Engaging in community initiatives aimed at bolstering and fortifying families

Attorney for Divorce, Child Custody, and Family 


Family Law / Post-Judgment Matters

The nature of life is uncertain, and alterations are a constant possibility. Due to the courts' commitment to ensuring the well-being of children and partners following a divorce, arrangements concerning child support, alimony, and parenting plans remain open to adjustments.



Alimony constitutes financial support provided by one spouse to the other after divorce, aimed at assisting with sustenance and upkeep. It can manifest in various ways, encompassing a lump-sum settlement, installment payments over a limited duration, or even ongoing payments for life. The fundamental concept behind alimony is to mitigate the likelihood of a significant decline in one spouse's quality of life as a consequence of the divorce.

Situated in Marshall County, Richard Henson Law, P.A., collaborates closely with individuals navigating divorce, aiding them in examining the full spectrum of possibilities to enable well-informed decisions. To engage in a conversation about your alternatives with a proficient family law attorney, please call



At Richard Henson Family Law, P.A., located in Arab, our objective is to safeguard the rights of individuals in Northern Alabama throughout divorce proceedings. We are dedicated to providing thorough explanations of the available choices concerning the divorce process and associated matters like alimony and child custody.

Attorney for Divorce, Child Custody, or Family

Whether you're contemplating divorce, seeking to revise parenting arrangements, preparing for marriage, or embarking on the journey of adoption, you're essentially reshaping an existing connection. At Richard Henson Family Law in Marshall County, Alabama, our legal team holds the belief that every relationship deserves reverence, and channeling efforts into resolving issues rather than assigning blame is more constructive.

We are fully prepared to assist you in discovering constructive resolutions to your family law concerns. To engage in a conversation regarding your legal options with one of our proficient family law attorneys, kindly reach out to us by completing and submitting the form below.


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